Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Joy of Tech.

So I just thought I could do some more work on the increasingly overdue report or I could squeeze in one more blog post for November so I am already fucked off since it turns out it is 5th December. One of my friends finds it highly amusing that My First Husband and I email other, mainly when he is at work but sometimes from the same house...after 12 years this kind of shit happens. So I thought I would give you all an insight into what these conversations entail. 

Conversation 1

Me: Just sponged mattress with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Hopefully by this afternoon it will be usable again.(If you are curious readers this is to remove human urine off a mattress)

My First Husband: You really do rock. Rainman and The Nazgul should feel very lucky

Me: That's what I am always saying. Drank the last of chicken soup out of bowl but started singing and now covered in soup. 

My First Husband: you were singing while drinking soup???

Me: Not when I started but then my current fav song came on...now my vag smells like chicken and corn soup. 

My First Husband:  Do you mind if I come home for lunch?

Me: Alright but you can't look at me or talk to me

Conversation 2

Me: Would you wear this style of 50's bowling shirt kind of thing. I really like it but don't know if you would go for it.
Its okay if you don't like it. Just want to know.

 My First Husband: Yes, I like it. I got you a Christmas gift ..  its should be delivered tomorrow or friday so don't open anything..

do you like these...

Guess I had better get back to actually working. Oh and an update to last week's parcel delivery, turns out I had ordered a night light in the shape of a cat and a heap of red polka dot plastic plates, containers and salad bowls. I opened the door and said "Hi" in such a sunny way a little bit of sick popped up, and the Aust Post guy replied (a tad accusationally if you ask me)  "Did I see you pushing a pram this morning?". I said "Ummm, Probably. I was taking my little girl to daycare?" and then he walked away. I am currently designing a poster for the front door that says JUST SAY HELLO


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